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Enum GuildPermission


Represents a permission can be granted to a guild.

public enum GuildPermission : uint


AddReactions = 262144

Allows for the addition of reactions to messages.

Administrator = 1

Allows all permissions and bypasses channel permission overwrites.

AttachFiles = 16384

Allows for uploading images and files.

BanMembers = 128

Allows banning members.

ChangeNickname = 512

Allows for modification of own nickname.

Connect = 32768

Allows for joining of a voice channel.

CreateInvites = 8

Allows creation of invites.

DeafenMembers = 16777216

Allows for deafening of members in a voice channel.

FollowReactions = 524288

Allows for following of added reactions to messages.

KickMembers = 64

Allows kicking members.

ManageChannels = 32

Allows management and editing of channels.

ManageEmojis = 256

Allows management and editing of emojis and stickers.

ManageGuild = 2

Allows management and editing of guild.

ManageInvites = 16

Allows for management of invites.

ManageMessages = 8192

Allows for deletion of other users messages.

ManageNicknames = 67108864

Allows for modification of other users nicknames.

ManageRoles = 1024

Allows management and editing of roles.

ManageVoice = 65536

Allows for disconnection of members, and moving of members between voice channels.

MentionEveryone = 131072

Allows for using the everyone mention tag to notify all users in a channel, and the online mention tag to notify all online users in a channel.

MuteMembers = 33554432

Allows for muting members in a voice channel.

OnlyPushToTalk = 2097152

Limits the user to speaking in a voice channel only when pressing the speaking key.

PassiveConnect = 1048576

Limits the user to connecting to a voice channel only when the user is invited or moved by others.

PlaySoundtrack = 134217728

Allows for playing soundtracks in a voice channel.

SendMessages = 4096

Allows for sending messages in a channel

ShareScreen = 268435456

Allows for screen share.

Speak = 8388608

Allows for speaking in a voice channel.

UseVoiceActivity = 4194304

Allows for speaking in voice a channel without having to press the speaking key.

ViewAuditLog = 4

Allows for viewing of audit logs.

ViewChannel = 2048

Allows guild members to view a channel, which includes reading messages in text channels.